Return Entertainment is among the first companies to fully design games, mechanics, and models to be cloud-native from scratch, by leveraging new types of gameplay and developing for technical constraints from the start.
About Return Entertainment
Return Entertainment was founded in 2019, with offices in Helsinki and Warsaw.
It is best positioned to be at the forefront of one of the biggest industry transformations toward the cloud. It abandons old technical restraints and ideas to fully utilise cloud-native game design and technology.

Think of them as the Indiana Jones of cloud gaming: they do the credible, researchy stuff and then put on a cool hat and see which rules they get to break this time. Discovering new things while building games.

Their games are focused on appealing to casual and mid-core gamers. They have 2 games in development that are cross-platform between mobile, tablets, PC and more.
Working at Return Entertainment

Return Entertainment was founded by passionate industry veterans to start a new era of effortless entertainment. In a Nordic style, they practice a flat hierarchy where everyone is treated equally and given the freedom
to voice their views.

Learning, discovering and improving is essential to their daily work life, as they are one of the pioneers in cloud-native gaming. They seek like-minded, hard-working, passionate and pioneering spirits with a touch of awesomeness to join their team.

Return Entertainment is looking to fill in three positions
in Warsaw, Poland
Unreal Physics Programmer

Full-Stack Programmer

Unreal Multiplayer Gameplay Developer
You can be among the first to gain experience in cloud games
Purposefully small Nordic style team where everyone has a voice
Hybrid format of work - you will be able to work both from the office and remotely
An attractive social package including company's options, medical insurance etc.
For more information about the recruitment process contact
Shrishti Sinha
Talent Acquisition Specialist