Game Programmer Tips
from Games Job Fair
In the second part of our article series Tips from Games Job Fairs, we move on from game artists to game developers. If you're a programmer looking for some material to boost your gamedev knowledge, or job search, this collection of videos from our events should help.

Portfolio management and keeping track of your code projects is super important. If you're also planning to look for work, your code will be your ticket. Everyone knows GitHub, but not all GitHub profiles are made equal. During his talk at Games Job Fair Autumn 2022 Jussi Enroos of Reaktor provided some tips and tricks to get that repository job-hunt-ready.
GitHub Tips & Tricks
If you're more of a junior in the industry, there is one big enemy of a programming team that you need to be aware of and prepare for; Technical debt is what happens when quality is sacrificed for speed, leaving behind the need for constant reiteration. Watch this video by Christian Kendall of Slipgate Ironworks to help you avoid it through proper planning, research, and organization.
Managing A Growing Codebase And Tech Debt
Programming is a great specialization to get deeply technical in, and we love bringing you more advanced talks as well. One such session comes from Oleksandr Pindyk of Wargaming, who shows us how to use pre-generated static data for enhancing game AI to positively impact game development and improve the overall AI performance.
Static Pre-Generated Content Game AI In Vehicle Online Shooters
If you're unsure about approaching physics, Teemu Väisänen of Fingersoft has a great presentation for you on how to build a custom physics simulation. In his talk he takes us through how they decoupled core gameplay and secondary visual physics from each other, and what benefits this may bring.
The Art And Science Of Game Physics
Not every programmer is a generalist, of course, and everyone has their unique focus in terms of engines as well. Fear not, at Games Job Fair we tackle the two big ones, Unity and Unreal, equally. Unity folks can greatly benefit from sessions such as "Optimization Tips and Tricks in Unity" by Thomas Winkley and Utsav Jamwal, and of course our Unity Code Review sessions.
Optimization Tips And Tricks In Unity
More into Unreal? We have great content for it at our events as well. For one thing, our beloved long-time collaborator, Ari Arnbjörnsson of Epic Games, always brings together an amazing team for our Unreal Engine Code Review sessions. If you want more specific knowledge on the engine, however, check out talks such as "Architecture Generation with UE5" by Pavel Osminin of Slipgate Ironworks.
Unreal Engine Challenge - Code Review | Spring '23
You can find more great Programming-related content on our YouTube channel. If you want to ask questions during such sessions, remember to keep an eye out for our next Games Job Fair. You are also welcome to join our Discord server and suggest topics to us for future events, and we'll see if we can get speakers to cover them.