Game Designer Tips
from Games Job Fair
In our concluding (for now) article for our series Tips from Games Job Fairs, we'll be sharing talks from our events bringing valuable insight to Game Designers. This material will provide you ways to self-educate, evolve your work in a studio setting, and more, fortifying your job search and gamedev career.

Hailing from Housemarque, Eevi Korhonen's super popular talk is a great guide for folks interested in Narrative Design. If you're wondering about this particular career path and how to become one, then this will be a great introduction and guide for setting your expectations and goals.
How To Become A Narrative Designer
Also speaking about design as a method for non-verbal storytelling is this session by Mladen Levnaic of Magic Media, another big hit at the events. It covers how a designer can, among other disciplines, tell a story through more than words. There are many facets of a game that can be imbued with story, without the direct use of words.
The Language Of Games: Exploring Verbal And Nonverbal Storytelling Techniques
For those of you wondering how you can become a Design Lead or Director one day, Timothy Coolidge of Rovio covers how Level & Narrative Designers are a legitimate, achievable career path one can carve a career towards these roles regardless of whether they came from a Narrative or Level Designer background. He covers how and where the two specializations meet and lead to more senior roles.
Level And Narrative Craft, Getting Started It's A Full Craft With A Career Path
No journey is without its surprises, of course, and there will be times during your work at a studio where you may have to adapt to new tools and processes. Christian Noack of InnoGames covers this in a talk from last year, where he details how InnoGames had to make some major changes to their design work in order to make their life easier and they grew Rise of Cultures.
The Evolution Of Game Design Tools And Processes While Growing A Product
Want to become a superb specialist by keeping up with your growth independently? Our long-time community member and Housemarque's enemy designer, Artyom Volkov, has some great suggestions in his talk. Learn what skills to develop, where to find tools and resources to develop them, and enjoy Artyom's endless supply of cat-related imagery.
Self Education For Game Designers
What other types and topics of design would you like to see talks on? Check out our YouTube channel for all manner of useful content, and join us for Games Job Fair on April '24. In order to keep up with our updates, be sure to follow us on our socials, and join our Discord server for more great community interaction and resources.