Game Artist Tips
from Games Job Fair
Are you a job seeking or working game artist looking for resources? Then read on for a collection of some of the rich material found for you at our biannual Games Job Fairs. In the first part of our article series Tips from Games Job Fair we're sharing videos from gamedev talks and sessions taken place at our events that can act as a guide for game developers focused on art and animation.

If you're currently on the job hunt, or if you need help optimizing your search, Liliia Sitailo runs us through her High Impact/Low Effort matrix for preparing, and running your job search as an artist in an organized manner, as a to-do list. Her charts not only help visualize and contextualize what can otherwise be quite a chaotic job hunting process, but they provide great tips about optimizing your profile and search for a higher chance of landing a job.
Job Strategy for Artists
Not sure if your portfolio is up to standard? We have covered that too. Dani V. Garcia of Funplus gives you a quick and easy tutorial on what you need to consider before sending your portfolio out into the wild, so that you can present yourself to studios at your very best.
Portfolio Management 101
For those who have yet to go through big changes in your pipeline, Andre Kling of InnoGames uses the Hero's Journey to run us through InnoGames's shift from Max to Blender, which was ultimately a great step for the studio to take. The talk aims to fortify your bravery and resolve when it comes to changing your art pipeline, tools, and approaches. It helps art professionals prepare for the need to adapt in the workplace and embrace new technologies and methodologies.
Changing Pipelines, From Max to Blender
Now, if you are looking for more deeply technical talks, you can also find guides such as "What Are VATs And How To Get More From Them," where Maxime Mege-Ythier, VFX Artist at Redhill Games, teaches you how to create/setup Vertex Animation Texture. He goes through how this process essentially turns VFX animations into a "flipbook."
What Are VATs And How To Get More From Them
If you are getting your characters ready for animation, this guide by Anton Aleknavitsjus of Ringtail Studios will help you prepare the correct character retopology to make your life much easier, and your characters less mangled when it's time to bring them to life.
Correct Character Retopology Ready For Animation
Want to see art leads review works and provide applicable advice on real examples? Then our Creative Portfolio Reviews are a great watch for you. Here's a couple of the latest ones to whet your appetite.
Creative Portfolio Review - Spring '23
Be sure to browse our YouTube channel for more such videos on game art, and always keep an eye out for our next Games Job Fair and even more helpful content.