With so much talent out in the job market due to the recent layoff crisis in the games industry it's more crucial than ever to have tools enabling the right persons to meet. Talented professionals are struggling to get through to games studios, while the studios themselves have an increasingly big amount of candidates to filter through.

At Games Factory Talents we have been developing a gamedev recruitment platform to assist in this search. Following its successful premiere as a tool enabling the Careers Zone for Pocket Gamer Connects Helsinki 2023, we renewed our collaboration with the event for this January. The result was a packed, productive Careers Zone at Pocket Gamer Connects London 2024, kindly sponsored by Supercell and Metacore.
"The career zone was a great tool that was easy to access and extremely useful.
Having the possibility of a CV and LinkedIn review has been very valuable and the feedback I received was very helpful as well. I highly recommend participating."

Pablo Sekine
Sound Designer & Music Producer
The onsite space was filled with talents and studio representatives mingling, holding meetings booked based on our platform's matchmaking capabilities, talking about the industry and the job market. The game developers present were also particularly interested in getting their CV and LinkedIn profiles reviewed by our recruiter, Nurashekin Mohd Rashid, whose great expertise made her a super popular person of interest for talents.
"The CV review session struck a perfect balance between friendliness and professionalism. I found the feedback to be candid, valuable, and objective, offering clear insights into potential improvements for my CV and pinpointing current issues.

Moreover, the advice on job applications, optimizing my LinkedIn page, and other related topics was incredibly beneficial."

Roham Heidari
Business Dev
The Game Talents platform's role in this is crucial, but it's super simple for recruiters and job seekers to take it into use. It is essentially a tool that can act as a one-stop-shop matchmaking space for any conference. Studios create job listings and are notified of talents matching them, while talents receive matching jobs based on the detailed profile they have created for themselves, and the interest they have displayed.

While we are still developing and optimizing the platform based on feedback, it is currently operational and ready to welcome everyone who wants to introduce recruitment capabilities to their events. Coupled with our career growth know-how and activities, we see the Game Talents platform as a necessary and logical step in navigating an oversaturated market, and finding a shared way forward for studios and talents.
Participating Studios