Games Factory Talents

Professional Recruiting Agency for Tech and Gamedev companies
We are a professional recruiting agency
We help companies to find top tech talents for their next big project.

We also organize IT and Games Job Fairs - Annual recruiting events for IT and gamedev specialists held in Russia, Ukraine and Finland.
Our services
We find you the best talent for a permanent position: junior, regular and senior specialists.
Job Fairs
We organize annual IT and Games Job Fairs in different countries, screening and matchmaking best candidates for you current positions.
Relocation matters
We help you relocate the specialist from any country by assisting in every step. Documentation, visa permit, apartment, onboarding and so on.
Project-based hires
Sometimes you just need talents to complete a short term assignment and we can help
We can help you build your dedicated engineering team abroad e.g. in Ukraine
We are happy to give you advice on any matters in regards to bringing a new talent from abroad.
Advantages of our company
Proven Success Track
We helped to find and relocate more than 40 specialists to Finland
Individual Approach
We are focusing on an individual approach for both companies and talents, matchmaking the best talents for your positions and helping specialists to find a dream job
Our hiring commission fee is around the industry average, and if you hire a talent from our IT and Games Job Fairs - fee is significantly lower
Companies, we worked with
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