What our talents say...
Lucas Falcao
Technical Sound Engineer, Redhill Games
I was at the end of a project in my last company and was looking for other opportunities. I saw an opening in Redhill Games through Games Factory Talents and sent my application. A couple of weeks later I got an email asking for an interview and after going through the process I moved to Helsinki and am now working with incredible people. It's refreshing to see there's a company actively helping professionals and companies find each other in an industry as rough as the games industry
Arthur Magomedov
Technical Artist, Redhill Games
I posted a resume in the head hunter website, it was in English with my portfolio links, and my contacts. After a while Kseniya Egorova contacted me and suggested to pass an interview. The interview was half in Russian, and half in English, just to prove my English skills, and that I'm a real person seeking for a job. And after some time I was invited to an interview with the Redhill Games, I've passed three interviews, including technical interviews and I got a job offer!
Redhill Games relocated me an my family to Helsinki, so now I work and live in Finland.
It was really easy and smooth experience! I'd like to thank all the people at Games Factory Talents, well done! And my special thanks to Kseniya Egorova!
Alexandr Shevchenko
Senior Software Engineer, Angular Velocity
I heard about Games Factory Talents a couple of years back and participated in the Helsinki IT and Games Job Fair where I met Angular Velocity and had an interview at the event. Now, I enjoy working in Helsinki and I moved here with my wife.
Vlad Sviatetskyi
Senior Game Developer, Next Games
Professional network is one of the major keys of modern career development. At Finland Games Job Fair I was able to expand my network greatly and land a job in a world class studio. Finland has an excellent game development scene and this event might be your entry ticket.
What our clients say...
Katya Dologova
COO, Redhill Games
We've been taking part in 2 events already and will happily join the next one! The Finland Games Job Fair team is doing great job promoting Finnish Game industry and gaming jobs in Finland and abroad.

Redhill Games is a young studio with high ambitions for the game development! We're growing quickly and as the game progressing, we need more and more talents to join and help driving it to perfection. The event helps to raise awareness and connect studios and professionals. Even if we do not hire anybody from the event, we always build good connections and relationships for the future opportunities. Our favorite part of the event is an opportunity to have company fire-side chats with the participants, to be able to show the studio from inside, listen to people's thoughts and feedback and have a conversation with likeminded people!
Rahul Pardasani
Talent Acquisition Partner, Yousician
Excellent support and communication by Oleg and his team in facilitating the career fair online. There was enough information and proactive support by the team to ensure the career fair went through smoothly and all the participants have meaningful interactions. We ended up sending offers to 3 developers from the job fair and the quality of applications and interactions were surprisingly positive from my experience
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